Nicole is dedicated to helping people feel their most confident! She is triple certified in Classic, Volume, and Mega volume lashes. She has also been certified as a lash educator through Fixe Beauty in Calgary BC.  Nicole has been doing lashes for over 4 1/2 years and strives to produce the best lash sets her clients crave.


As a Kootenay girl SHE can sympathize with the high salon prices women pay in order to achieve the looks they want and attempts to keep HER prices low so any woman can afford them. 


Nicole uses a variety of lashes that are tailored to the style you want to achieve and the natural lashes you have. She offers classic lash sets, volume, and colored lashes ranging from different thicknesses and lengths to achieve the customized look you want. Lashes for classic sets are faux Silk/ Mink, supersoft, rich black colored, with a semi- matte finish. 

Nicole uses Fixe Beauty lashes for her volume sets. Fixe Beauty lashes are designed to fan beautifully, and have a rich black finish. 

Nicole uses Lashboxla lashes for her mega volume sets. Mega volume sets are made with the finest, thinest lashes to create this amped up dramatic look. Lashboxla is the leading lash company in the US. and Canada for mega volume lashes and adhesives. 

Nicole uses Fixe Beauty and Lashboxla lash glue that are best suited to the lashes that she uses for classic, volume, or mega volume. Nicole strives for quality that keeps her clients coming back for more. 

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